Frank Zicarelli once took a swipe at us dedicated bloggers in one of his articles, basically inferring we are the tiny pest on his shoulder that he has to swipe away.  He is the main basketball writer for the Toronto Sun and covers the Toronto Raptors most of the time and he occasionally writes a half decent piece but after his slight to the blogging community (a pretty tight knit group I might add) I have read his pieces a little more meticulously and his latest article contained a big faux pas, in my opinion.

Dorsey, Sonny Weems, DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson have formed a strong bond, a group of young and energetic players who aren’t exactly the most talented,” he wrote.

Really?  DeMar DeRozan, often compared to a Vince Carter athletic type with some of the greatest jumping ability in the league and recently invited to the NBA Slam Dunk contest.  Sonny Weems like Derozan is an extremely athletic and talented wing who just hasn’t been given an opportunity to showcase his skills, but it’s clear the stats just haven’t caught up to the ability, and talent. 

Amir Johnson, one of the fastest big men in the game with buttery soft hands and touch around the net, who just signed a contract for $50 million dollars?  Yeah, no talent there.  Finally, Joey Dorsey, with clearly limited offensive skills but have you seen this man’s body?  He is Dwight Howard without the height, with muscle on top of muscle and great jumping ability and rebounding instincts.  He doesn’t get rebounds the way Dennis Rodman got them, this man can simply use his superior strength and jumping ability (combined with great hustle of course) to get that ball.

Picking four of the Raptors most athletic specimens and saying they are more guts than stuff is probably one of the least thought out points I have read in a while especially considering there are plenty of other candidates to choose from on our roster who fit that description almost to a tee.  In the age of dedicated, educated and talented bloggers the time where shoddy (or lazy) journalism would never be scrutinized is over, just because your name is in lights and you are a “professional” doesn’t make you any less fallible. 

Step your game up, Frank.


  1. Chris Ross says:

    I understand your disdain for this man but I can somewhat agree with him. Physical athletic ability (like jumping and running) is much different than pure, raw talent. You mention that Joey Dorsey has limited offensive ability, that is a lack of talent no doubt. Amir Johnson also has a limited upside. He is more about hustle and heart than outskilling opponents. Weems has a solid mid-range game but is by no means among guys with the most talent upside in the league. Derozan could develop into a very good NBA player so I would disagree with this Toronto Sun guy in that respect, but for the most part I don’t see anything really wrong with what he is saying. Vince Carter did/does not have any guts but is one of the most talented guys in the league. Completely different thing.

    • tdotsports1 says:

      No doubt Dorsey isn’t a world beater, but I consider rebounding a talent (where he uses his abilities to jump, his strength etc) so I consider him relatively skilled. Again, these players in question haven’t really been given an extended chance to showcase there skills and talents.

      Weems lacks a rock solid handle, but he has pretty special talents that have yet to be harnassed, ditto Derozan.

      I think Amir has amazing hands for a big, that is a talent no?

      But I get your points and they are well thought out.

  2. Beaverboi says:

    Don’t take it personally. He does write for the Sun. At least you don’t have daily pictures of half-naked girls all saying they like going to the beach and watching hockey….

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