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A preview of the first post at AL Eastbound & Down.

Since the Detroit Tigers landed big slugging 1B/DH Prince Fielder and signed him to a massive nine-year $214 million dollar contract I have heard (and read) from a lot of Blue Jays fans – and the general consensus is they are fed up, frustrated and upset.  They heard the rumblings that the Jays were going to be potential players on this year’s free agent market, that the team had permission to spend, not as much as the New York Yankees but at least to the level of the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Angels.

Alex Anthopoulos doesn’t make many mistakes and hasn’t taken much in the way of criticism since he took over the reins from J.P. Ricciardi but this offseason he has done a poor job at one thing, controlling the expectations of an impatient fan base.  The Jays were allegedly interested in Yu Darvish and might have (or not) placed on a bid for the Japanese star pitcher and “Jays Nation” ate this story up and ran with it.

There were numerous reports stating the Jays were at first interested, and then really interested, then super-duper hardcore interested.  With only a few days left until the posting deadline expired the Jays were even called the hands on favourites to win the bidding.  The Jays policy has been a strict one, and up to this point a sound one, they do not comment on rumours or alleged reports on available players.

In this day and age with twitter, facebook and other various media outlets hammering home a variety of hot stories and rumours it is probably best to just leave it to them and not make an official ‘statement’ one way or another.  But in this instance I would have toned down the rhetoric (we have money to spend) and tried to “turn down the temperature” for any big off season plans the Jays had.