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DeMar DeRozan has started to look like a franchise type player on the offensive end of the court over the past month.  In fact for the month of January/2011 DeRozan has averaged 19.5 points with a 47.5 FG% while averaging 36.5 minutes per game.  He still needs to work on becoming a better all-around playmaker as suggested by his assist totals in the month (1.7) and his turnovers have spiked with the added responsibility (2.8) but it’s hard to find too much negative about the recent offensive surge.

If you take away two rough games over the past thirty days the numbers are even more impressive as since December 31, 2010 DeRozan has averaged 23.2 points per game in eleven games.  To drive home how impressive DeRozan’s sophomore campaign is starting to look let’s do a quick comparison.

Age PPG FG% RPG Ast TO Stl Blk
21 15.4 45.1 6.3 3.3 2.0 1.1 1.9
22 15.3 47.0 3.3 1.7 1.7 0.8 0.4


The 21-year old player is Tracy McGrady’s third season in the NBA and the 22-year old is of course DeMar DeRozan’s current 2010/11 season.  It shows us DeRozan is making solid progress in the scoring department and that bodes well for his future development – it also shows just what kind of amazing all-around ballplayer and talent “T-Mac” was and would develop into.

DeRozan still needs to continue focusing on all aspects of his game, specifically his playmaking, defensive and rebounding skills but Raptors fans have to be excited about the potential of DD.  Not a guy you can probably build around but a definite cog and valuable ‘third’ scoring option on a contending team.  Is the scoring spree due to the Raptors horrendous health situation or has DeRozan turned the corner?