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As if beating the legendary “Shogun” Rua to become the youngest UFC champion in history (23 years old) wasn’t enough for Jon “Bones” Jones how about the fact he also subdued a man who minutes earlier attacked an elderly couple only mere hours before this fight even took place?  Much like his opponents superlatives simply are no match for what Jon Jones is and what he can become, he appears unbeatable.

It has to be said that Mauricio “Shogun” Rua didn’t look to be in the greatest shape of his career and he appeared at least to me noticeably less muscular overall.  Questions about condition aside it likely wouldn’t have made much of a difference after watching them circle each other in the octagon for about 15 seconds as Jones looked like he fought two weight classes above Shogun. 

Jon Jones is the Dwight Howard of MMA, a freak show possessing unreal skills.  A physical specimen built to unleash hell on any who dare step into the octagon with him.  He doesn’t only win, he maims, he pillages and he dominates like no other.  He has become so dominant that it appears so easy for him I felt he could’ve ended the fight in the first round had he felt so inclined.

He has patience, poise and a fighter’s spirit at least a decade older than he actually is – he is a warrior.  Who could potentially even give him a good workout let alone a serious challenge in the 205 light heavyweight division?  His next victim opponent is his friend and training partner Rashad Evans whom most feel is a massive underdog to the seemingly invincible Jon Jones. 

Jones is too long, too big and too strong for Evans who will struggle getting close enough to do damage and probably not strong enough to impose his will and take the fight to the ground.  The scary part is Jones is a relative baby to a sport dominated by men well into their thirties.  Jones will soon be counted among the very best in the pound-for-pound argument.

Armed with a fighting style and spirit than cannot possibly be trained or prepared for in the least, who can possibly dethrone him?

“Rampage” Jackson – has not looked overly impressive against opponents who bring less overall skill and talent than Jones.  I think the size/length differential would frustrate the boxer Jackson, who is too one dimensional to pose a real threat.

Lyoto Machida – he will have to put a few impressive wins together to get a shot but this could be a guy who might matchup well with Jones, if there is such a thing.  A highly patient and technical counter-striker might work well but again, the length and sheer size of Jones would make this a difficult fight for Machida.

Thiago Silva – will not be intimidated but does not have overall game to hang with Jones.

There are other contenders like Forrest Griffin, Rich Franklin, Randy Couture and “Little” Nog but it’s hard to imagine any of them warranting or taking advantage of a potential title shot versus Jones.  That leaves other divisional champions and the one that is first mentioned is “The Spider” Anderson Silva.  It would no doubt go down as most anticipated matchup in the history of MMA.

A few problems could arise before Dana White and Joe Silva even contemplate this potential super fight.  First, Silva is getting older and only has a handful of fights left and the rumour mill of a Silva versus Canadian Georges St. Pierre won’t stop churning.  Second, Silva walks around over 200 lbs between fights but I think the size differential would be massive and perhaps too much that Silva wouldn’t even contemplate stepping into the ring with Jones.

Silva has a lot more to lose than Jones in a fight like this as he nears the end of his career a loss would do serious damage to his legacy and possibly even his health.  Though there is a size differential between Silva and GSP there is no one in their right mind who thinks GSP will even consider standing toe-to-toe with Silva.  But Silva’s strength is his stand up game and there is no chance he could take Jon Jones down, nor control him if it did land there.

So if there isn’t a challenge from below than we must look up, way up, all the way to the UFC heavyweight division.  With Jon Jones massive frame still filling out there is little doubt he will land in the heavyweight division eventually anyway.  Can you imagine Jones attempting to hold two belts at the same time and take on current champ who also looks near unbeatable Cain Velasquez?

Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, Alistair Overeem and Junior Dos Santos would also be juicy matches in the heavyweight division.  Or if Dana White has a nasty streak he can put an end to his long time nemesis Fedor Emelianko once and for all with Jon Jones serving as the assassin.  The fact we are even contemplating a lot of these fantasy matchups is a testament to the rising star of Jon Jones, get used to him folks he isn’t going anywhere, for a good long while.